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AQW All farming Techniques

AQW My Farms For ClassPoints, Gold, XP and Dwarfhold Reputation. Written on the 10th of August.

Farming a description:

Farming basically means to repeatedly kill monsters/do quests.

Gold Farms:

Dwakel-12312= A decent way to farm for gold,Accept all the quests except “Mithril Man
Batteries” and “ProtoSartorium Parts”, Then farm “Dwakel Warriors”,”Dwakel Blasters”
and “Barrier Bots” as these are the only easy monsters in the area known to drop items. Sell all the stuff you get.

Voted Best by Players!!!: PortalUndead-(Anything between 4589 and 9998 but I use 12312)= A great way to get around 150k an hour,
Accept “Cleric Joy” quests then farm the 2 “Skeletal Fire Mages” on the first screen, Pick up the “fire staffs” and “Burn It Downs” when you have done the quests,sell them at the “Newbie Shop” in “Cleric Joys” menu.The “Fire Gem” drop is random but usually drops every 3-4 kills.

Boxes-9999 (that or the normal instances work just fine)=Find “GrizzleSpit” and farm him hopefully getting his “Giant Protector Blade” sell it,
(Recommended to keep 1 person beside him at all times for easy trips to the shops and back!) A relatively popular technique that I used alot when I was level 10-13,Takes a while to generate lots of gold but is OK for groups.

Dwarfhold Reputation:

“The Albino” Technique= Join Dwarfhold-12312 or any Private Party Instance, Accept the “Having A Blast” quest from Ironfist, Next go to the starting screen with the 2 Albys(Albino Bats) and farm them, the Guano drop is very high and most bats drop about 2 piles per kill. 100Rep per quest for about 1minute of fighting is very good, Used by a few ” In The Know” players but very untouched.

“The Daily” Technique= Join Tavern-12312 then accept the Daily Quests from “Otix” and “Snowbeard” and complete them then turn them in, Next join Llama-12312 and accept the daily quests and do them and turn them in, then (If your Rank4 in rep) join Dwarfhold-12312 and go find the MiningCart mini-game accept the quest and then play and hopefully complete the mini-game (Note you must earn 30 gems) and turn in the quest, There you go, lots and lots of rep. This can only be done daily.

Class Point Pools:

Join sleuthhound-12312 or any normal instance= Enter the building and go up stairs then go left one screen and stand in between the “Table” and “Chair” and begin to
attack the “Chair” then the “Table” and repeat, Note that you gain Class Points by fighting higher level monsters and it is increased by your current rank, And these two monsters are level 15 and only have 500HP which basically means ranks 1-4 in a few minutes and 5-10 in an hour or two.


Low Level Experience pools:
Levels 1-5

Slime Fest: Join Swordhaven-12312= Go left one screen and accept the quest of the Pizza Guy, Farm Slimes to your hearts content and turn in and re-accept the quests while your at it, this is the best technique for levels 1-5.


Medium Level Experience Pools:
Levels 5-10
Note: Stick in parties as most stuff is either too hard or too easy.

Lair-9999: Join Lair-9999 and accept Galanoths Quests, Do them.It really is as simple as that.

Dwakel-12312: Join Dwakel-12312 and accept all the available quests, farm them. Note that this is a Gold Frarming Technique aswell but that involves a jump to the shops every 5 minutes (Reccomended to do both at the same time).


High Level Experience Pools
Levels 10-20
You folks are in the “Experience Farming Dead-Zone” sorry to say this but you really have just gotta fight everything you see and if you insist use the Medium Level Experience Pools,anyway your a big adventurer now.

Yeah, I reckon that gold is about all you can really properly farm until stats.

Thanks to….:

Nige2 and Nige The Great for helping me when I was searching for good farms/pools.
Elite Warroir, purplekali and TaoistPriest for supporting me throughout my “Thinking and Searching Time” lol.
Tomix for showing me the Slimes technique during Beta.
All the AE staff for making AQW!!!!
All the folks at the BattleOn Forums for showing and telling me some techniques.

Yay for thanks sections!!!

X41 signing off

Thats All!

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  1. one the the 10-20 could be to attach the drow soldiers in vaths keep

    “Tried and tested, dosent work”

    Comment by max | October 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. the fire staff stuff dosent work now only the drop.

    the staff of inversion drops good money too

    Comment by josh F | May 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. It’s all old school stuff now, you’d be best checking the official forums for the best new techniques on farming XP, Gold, Rank etc.

    I also don’t run this website actively anymore, but be sure to keep an eye out for an update with my current websites etc on it.


    Comment by Ruaridh | March 24, 2011 | Reply

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